Beige Decorative Planters Set- 27.5"x14"

Beige Decorative Planters Set- 27.5"x14"

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  • Modern & Stylish Design – Mueller large planters are designed with matte finishing exterior in soft, wavy shapes, with a ceramic visual display that adds fresh, decorative flair to your space. Perfect for home, office, hotels, restaurants, and other commercial use. Outdoor or Indoor - Ideal addition to any front entrance, poolside patio, or spacious hallway.
  • Ultra-Durable - High-quality material for long-lasting use. To help avoid excessive heavy lifting, this planter is durable and robust, yet easy to rearrange within your garden space. Sturdy design means that these planters are very durable, ensuring a long life compared with other planters.
  • Frost and Sun Resistant – To withstand all the elements, these planters have been specifically designed to last well throughout the colder months. Due to high-quality materials used to manufacture these planters, color will remain rich for many years.
  • Built-in Drainage System - No more leaks and messy water trays! The removable inner pot features a removable drainage disc that allows water to filter through and remain separated from the soil. This allows plants to stay hydrated and with better air-circulation that helps prevent root rot.

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